1/6 Scale Walking Dead Tactical Swat Riot Zombie 12 Action Figure Ooak New

1/6 scale Walking Dead TACTICAL SWAT RIOT ZOMBIE 12 Action Figure - OOAK NEW!!! A unique creation, professionally created and assembled 12 inch action figure. Photos are of actual item for sale. Zombie Head Sculpt from Gabriel Garcia Studios, painted, sealed, mounted on neck post. CooModel body with footpegs, feet, and wrist pegs. Igitally printed zombie claw hands, painted and sealed. Black Tactical Boots - hollow. Blue SAT Tactical Pants and Shirt, weathered and stained. Riot Helmet with Plastic Shield and Chin Strap. Does not come with an art box as this is an original creation.   

Hot Toys Mms590 Venom Marvel 1/6 Scale Action Figure's Body Only

Hello and welcome to R. K Khodian Ent Inc home of Hunt4figures! This is a consignment item and price is set by our client. Comes from a smoke free home. We do not accept best offers do price matches or freeshipping. You will only receive the item mentioned above. No other accessories, action figure or box will be included. You will actually receive the item in photo. Thank you for your interest and supporting our small business. To all customers outside of United States. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your interest, understanding and supporting small businesses.   

Neca Tmnt 1/4 Scale Action Figure (cartoon) Leonardo

Bring home your favorite TMNT character with this NECA 1/4 scale Leonardo CARTOON Action Figure. This highly-detailed action figure features the iconic blue mask and katana blades of Leonardo. With a height of 15 inches, this figure is perfect for display and play. Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise will appreciate the attention to detail on this figure. It is part of the series of NECA Quarter Scale figures, which are known for their quality and accuracy. Add this Leonardo figure to your collection and relive your favorite moments from the animated series.   

Hot Toys Qs015 Spider-man Homecoming 1/4 Scale Action Figure's Body Only

Hello and welcome to R. This is an consignment item and price is set by our client. You only receive the item mentioned above no other accessories action figure or box will be included. Thank you for your interest supporting our small business and understanding.   

Kanye West Rapper Star Yeezy 1/6 Scale Vinyl Merch Collectible 12 Action Figure

Kanye West Yeezy Rapper Star Collectible 1/6 Scale 12 inch Action Figure. 1 x Kanye West figure body and head sculpt. 2 x replaceable magnet hairpieces (black and pink). 1 x pair of sunglasses. 2 x hands with black gloves.   

1/6 Scale Action Figure Totenkopf Panzergrenadier Offier, Panzergrenadier-regt 6

Untersturmfuhrer "Hanno Lantzman", Totenkopf Panzergrenadier Offier, Panzergrenadier-Regiment 6 "Theodor Eicke", Warsaw Front 1944. SS Camouflage Helmet Cover, "Oakleaf" pattern. SS Camouflage Smock, "Oakleaf" pattern. MP40 Submachine Gun w/Magazine x 4. Walther P-38 w/Magazine x 2.