Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn 1/6 Scale Action Figure (in Hand)

   The latest in our line of Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 scale figures is none other than Harley Quinn. Once written as a single-episode B:TAS henchman, Harley quickly became one of our favorite characters of all time. Now, the Clown Princess of Crime is officially released from Arkham Asylum (with a sane certificate to prove it). If you have any questions or would like more pictures please let me know. ALL FIGURES ARE 100% AUTHENTIC. THEY ARE BOUGHT DIRECTLY FROM A DISTRIBUTOR OR ANOTHER TRUSTED SOURCE. All boxes and packs of cards are sealed unless stated otherwise. If you have ...

Sideshow Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Harry Callahan Final Act 1/6 Scale Figure

Based on Clint Eastwood's appearance in the concluding scenes of the action-thriller film. Harry callahan (final act variant). A pair of removable sunglasses completes his steely look. Harry Callahan (Final Act Variant).